Overseas Guests

This is worth a gander

For those guests traveling to Goa from outside India we've attempted to answer every question you didn't know you had. This content is less factual and more personal experience so I would appreciate it if it wasn't used against me.

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About Us

We had a dream now lets hope we live long enough to enjoy the fruit!

In the year 2004, with help from family, an old Portuguese villa was purchased with a view to having a holiday home. It soon became apparent that this could be more than just a home and so the work began. The lack of funds and my OCD resulted in a project that would last almost 20 years.

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Trips & Tours

Let us help you plan an excursion

Guests often ask me what they should do while on holiday in Goa and I always answer the same thing “Nothing at all”. I believe that one should de-stress, relax and just soak up the amazing atmosphere. If you want more then just beach photographs here are some things you may consider.

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It's the most important meal of the day

We hate the term continental breakfast because it usually means toast and jam. We also dislike buffets for the obscene piles of food that must surely go to waste. Let's cook to order with ingredients that you would use in your own kitchen and let's make it taste good.

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Delhi Belly is real

We have tried most of the new and some of the old so that we can recommend the best of the rest. The best way to stop a bout of Delhi Belly is to abstain from eating for 24-48 hours and you don't want to do that while on holiday so take our advice.

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