Family Villa

A spacious Portuguese villa ideal for a family
4 Guests 2 Queen Sized Doubles 90 sq.m.

Traditional Portuguese Villa that's ideal for a family of four, but could also be comfortable for four friends, so long as they don't mind sharing the one and only Shower room and the lack of privacy to the second bedroom. We do have an outside communal WC which is accessible to all guests.

Both bedrooms have Queen sized double beds, however, one of the bedrooms is on a mezzanine level that is open-plan with the large lounge. The Villa has a small concealed kitchenette, just in case you need a hot beverage night.  The one European style shower room is large enough for four people shower at the same time. Many doors open out onto the wrap around terrace which has a semi-private dining area and then you need only a hope skip and jump to enter the pool.

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Annex Studios

We have 4 of this catagory of room
2 Guests Queen Sized Doubles 33 sq.m.

These are our Compact Studio rooms, ideal for couples or two friends who don't mind sharing a Queen sized double bed. We designed and built them so that they all have a views of the lush garden even while lying in bed.

We have four Annex Studios, two of which are on the ground floor and two on the first floor. The first floor rooms have interconnecting doors that can open up your space if you so wish. All are similar in layout and decoration and all have the same facilities as our other rooms, hence why these rooms have become our most popular.

We will not allow a third guest to share these rooms no matter how small they may be. They were designed for two.

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Garden Studio (Grd Floor) & Vista Studio (1st Floor)
2 Guests + Queen Sized Doubles 75 sq.m.

We have two of these, one on the ground floor and one on the first floor. If you are looking for space and a little privacy these rooms have it in abundance and we are particularly pleased with the subdued lighting, you won't find a single light hanging from the ceiling. Similar in layout with an old world traditional feel that we like, but that you may not. Both studios have large doors that open onto balcony/terrace with a view of the lush landscaped garden and the swimming pool.

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Sea Breeze

Spacious 2nd floor with open plan shower
2 Guests King Sized Double 80 sq.m.

This is one of our best rooms; it’s spacious, luxurious and ideal for couples. That being said, it has an open plan shower arrangement, that our free spirited guests love, of course, even they insist on a separate WC. This room is on the second floor and as lifts are not in keeping with the environment one will have to walk up to the second floor, via the stairs. However, on reaching the top it’s well worth the view. Large patio doors on two sides open onto a wrap around terrace that overlooks the pool/garden. Any second floor room, especially with this much glass, equals heat so if you are planning to be in your room at midday you should consider another room.

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Praia Suite

Spacious 2nd floor Suite
2 Guests + King Sized Double 90 sq.m.

In our opinion this is our best room, its a luxurious and spacious suite that's perfect for a special occasion or just to spoil yourselves. This room is on the second floor, without a lift and so even if you can afford this room you may not be able to make it here. We don't do room service but our staff will bring up your bottles for tips. Large doors open onto a terrace with seating that overlooks the pool/garden and probably the best place at Casa Da Praia for an evening cocktail.


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