Our aim is to offer you a great start to the day using fresh ingredients


Endless supply of  tea, coffee, toast & cereal: –

Goan poi bread fresh everyday or square loaf bread. (All with a selection of local condiments and butter) Granola, Corn flakes, Choco’s, Muesli or Porridge

Choose one glass freshly squeezed juice (100ml):-

Papaya, Pineapple, Watermelon, fresh coconut water or Green Grape(seasonal)

Choose one main breakfast from the following:-

  1. FRESH SEASONAL FRUIT SALAD (Try with yoghurt and a little granola)Seasonal fruit bowl.
  2. FULL ENGLISH  – Eggs, ham, Heinz baked beans, fried tomato, garlic mushrooms and toast
  3. BESAN CHILLA (With spicy mixed pickle and raita)
  4. ALOO or MOOLI PARATHA (Traditional north Indian dish comprising of a whole-wheat flatbread stuffed with potato, onions, tomato, herbs and chilly this is accompanied with yoghurt & mango pickle)
  5. GOAN OMLETTE POI & EGG BHURJI (Very popular Goan roadside snack incorporating our tasty masala omelette in Goan Poi bread).
  6. CHEESY EGG SANDWICH (with or without ham) Sunny side fried egg in square bread with cheddar cheese that is then fried.
  7. OMELETTES (Plain, Masala or Cheese with or without ham) Mushroom, onion, tomato and green pepper.
  8. FRENCH TOAST (Bread soaked in egg mix then fried & served with honey, jam or maple syrup)
  9. PANCAKES (Honey & banana, chocolate sauce, maple syrup or whipped cream)
  10. AMERICAN PANCAKES (with or without whipped cream) Chocolate sauce, maple syrup or honey.